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About Us

At World Sports Betting we believe in giving back.

World Sports Betting is committed to promoting responsible gambling and growing communities through various initiatives. These include anti-human trafficking campaigns, early development centers, animal care, and feeding schemes. The brand has collaborated with major brands like CHOC, the Beast foundation, and Home of Hope, as well as smaller organizations worldwide. They also sponsor community soccer teams and assist previously disadvantaged athletes. If you need funding, please complete the easy-to-use online submission form and one of our team members will respond.

Charity Programmes

Here are some of the ways we can help yo

Bursary Sponsorship

Empowering futures through educational support, World Sports Betting’s corporate social responsibility commitment.

School Sponsorship

Enabling education through School Sponsorship – Our team is dedicated to providing stationery, fees, and uniforms for a brighter future

Sports Sponsorship

World Sports Betting’s corporate social responsibility extends to sponsoring rugby and soccer teams for community empowerment.

Community Outreach

World Sports Betting’s corporate social responsibility embraces charity, old age home support, and feeding the less fortunate.

Our Projects

Contact us to Request for Funds